Brooklyn Guest Haus is located on 40th Street btw 6th and 7th Aves in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. Our street is in the middle of a down-to-earth residential neighborhood with a convenience store and a Laundromat on one end and another convenience store on the other end (1 min walk each), a pizza place is around the corner across from the park (2 min’s). 5th Ave is the closest commercial street (3 min walk) with stores and a lot of predominantly Mexican restaurants, bakeries and a big supermarket (5-10 min’s).

Here is a recent article about our neighborhood:

Sunset Park: A sunny outlook for B’klyn nabe


The Sunset Park Diner is an American diner right on the corner of 5th Ave/39th St (5 min’s) that’s very good for breakfast, and regular dining.

In the other direction 8th Ave is the commercial center of a huge China Town with lots of inexpensive Chinese, a few Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and Japanese restaurants. We get great dumplings, salad rolls, Pad Thai’s and more there, most deliver very fast.

All in all, though it is not a high-end dining area there is a surprising level of diversity to be found reflecting our diverse and very “Brooklyn” neighborhood, and for breakfast and regular food everything is within short walking distance (for more information on Sunset Park restaurants please look here).

For higher level dining we recommend taking the M or R train to Park Slope, the neighborhood bordering on Sunset Park to the North (5 min train ride to 9th St /4th Ave stop and a 5 min walk to restaurants on 5th, 6th and especially on 7th Ave. Or 5 min’s with one of the local, inexpensive neighborhood car services). You will find a very high ratio of good/excellent, diverse and stylish restaurants and coffee shops. It is generally a pleasant area to visit. For a variety of restaurants also see the list at NY Magazine